Espressione Coffee, 150-Count Pods, Decaffeinated (Pack of 150)


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  • Italian roasted espresso used in pods
  • Each pod equals one serving. The caffeine has been removed using the chemical free “Swiss Water” process
  • Throwaway pods make espresso with no fuss, no mess
  • Pods compatible with all machines using the E.S.E trademark
  • Proper amount of coffee every time

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DECAF blend: rich coffee taste without caffeine
It is our mission statement to create and market into all major world markets, a collection of the finest coffee and coffee brewing products, marketing these under our ESPRESSIONE brand. The perfect cup of espresso begins with the most important ingredient…THE COFFEE! We have searched the globe for the finest quality espresso coffee and have accomplished this through an old world, Italian coffee roaster, having mastered the technique or producing blends of coffee from the
best varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffees. The most important trend in the consumer market is the use of the easy serving espresso or pod, marketed with the label E.S.E. Seven grams of coffee are compressed unto a practical filter package. The E.S.E. system (Easy Serving Espresso) is ideal for guaranteeing the level of quality of the product and is now a brand protected by the Italian “Consortium for Development” and the protective measures of the E.S.E trade standard. With E.S.E. the coffee is perfectly proportioned and sealed in food sale filter paper: it is no longer necessary to guess and try to gauge the exact quantity of ground coffee into the filter holder, nor to try to guess how best to compact the loose ground coffee portion; vital work area mess is avoided and the risk of using too much product, leading to finished product spoilage, is eliminated.

From Espressione come these pods containing decaffeinated coffee for fuss-free espresso brewing. Each sealed pod, which resembles a round tea bag, contains the proper amount of ground coffee (7 grams to be exact) to make a single serving of decaffeinated espresso. Afterward, the pod can be tossed away. There’s no messy, uncertain measuring of coffee into an espresso machine’s filter and no messy cleanup. The espresso for the pods comes freshly roasted from selected Italian roasters, and the coffee for these bags was decaffeinated by the natural water-injection method–no chemicals. The pods fit espresso machines using the trademark E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso), including certain models of espresso makers made by Briel, FrancisFrancis!, DeLonghi, and others. –Fred Brack

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